About the Cat Tracker Project

Your cat has a secret life…

Cats are mysterious, dangerous and far more unpredictable than one might expect from an animal that is, theoretically, domesticated. Some of the mysteries of cats relate to where they go and what they do; this is especially true of cats that go outdoors. We open our doors. They leave. Just where they go, we can’t be sure. Or rather we couldn’t be sure, until now. With your help, we’re investigating the movement of domesticated cats across the landscape. We want to know: Where do they go? What are they eating? Why do they do what they do?

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4 Ways to Participate!

Track Your Cat

Use a GPS tracking unit to learn more about your cat's movement

Personality Survey

Take a survey to help us learn more about cats, their behaviors and personalities, and their relationships with their owners

Diet Study

We want to use isotopes to see what your cat might be eating beyond the food bowl

Lesson Plan

Download a Students Discover lesson plan based on Cat Tracker
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Where Does Your Cat Roam?

Here are a few cats that participated in Cat Tracker. Visit our Cat Tracks section to view our collection of tracked cats.

Chicha, Raleigh NC
Chester, Long Island, NY
Smokey, Connecticut
Lupe, Arlington MA
Goliath, Colorado Springs CO
Marco, Rochester NY

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